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Help FACT Rescue Children & Reunite Families for the Holidays

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Please help us continue our important mission for 2018. Due to our restrained budget, we are only able to work on a very select amount of victim support cases, primarily those which involve the exploitation and abuse of minors or the elderly or cases involving suicidal victims and/or those in immediate danger. At this time, for every 100 support requests that we receive unfortunately we are only able to accept and work on up to 5-10 cases.

Please help us open and work on more cases by sponsoring a case at any level. For as little as a $100, you can help rescue children from abusive groups, stop cult leaders, help reunite separated families and more. If you are not comfortable donating any of the amounts listed above, you may support our initial casework with any amount you wish to donate between $10 - $75. Please click on the empty box above to fill in whatever amount you wish to give. No amount is too small and every donation helps with our victim support efforts and in the fight against destructive groups.

At our highest level of $5000, you may sponsor an entire case, including any intervention work necessary, counseling for victims and families, investigation and followup, exposure efforts and more. Simply click the empty box above and fill in the amount.

With your generous support we will be able to help more victims extricate themselves from destructive controlling groups, in addition to:

  • Countering cultic abuse and exploitation with the help of law enforcement / legal aid to hold cult groups accountable
  • Providing guidance and support to families who suffer from the loss of their loved ones to high-control groups
  • Exposing destructive groups through intensive online efforts and communication with all relevant entities
  • Educating students in schools and online about cults, including the warning signs of recruitment and indoctrination
  • Creating and distributing printed cult awareness materials for public education
  • Monitoring of news sources and sharing the information online

Please know that 100% of every donation to FACT goes toward our mission and is entirely tax-deductible. In addition, FACT proudly holds the highest level platinum rating from for complete transparency and accountability as a non-profit organization.

On behalf of cult victims everywhere and their families, we cannot thank you enough for your generous support.


The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc.
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